My Bakings

My Bakings

Monday, August 19, 2013

Graduation !!

I graduated from my class !!!
Chef Judy, me and Chef Liu
Graduating Class !!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Presenting My Exam Bakes Creations !!

These are my bakes that I created for my exam. Joyful Lemongrass, Cozy Apple Tart, Green Curry UFO.
Me and my bakes !!

Joyful Lemongrass

Cozy Apple Tart

Green Curry UFO

Exam day !!!

Exam day !!! We got to create a cake, bread and pastry !! Thank God I manage to complete all my bakes !! Phew !!!

Me getting ready for my exam !!

Getting ready to present my bakes

My classmates exam bakes....

Bread and Buns !!

We made assorted buns and black pepper cheese loaves !!
Assorted buns

Black pepper cheese loaf

Black pepper cheese loaf slice


Puff Pastry !

We made puff pastry in class !! Chicken pie, tuna pie, hotdog puff, apple lattice, volovant.

Choux Pastry

Made swan puffs, mini fruit basket puff and polo puff in class
Swan Puff

Left one is Chef Judy basket
Right side is my basket 

Baked puff, not yet piped any fillings

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tarts From Class !

We made fruit tarts during class.
Peach Tart

Strawberry, Mango meringue, chocolate ganache

Assorted fruit tarts

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fruit Mousses From Class !!

We made 3 different flavours of fruit mousses. I did a mango mousse, raspberry mousse and strawberry mousse.
Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse

Raspberry Mousse

Strawberry Mousse

Petite Strawberry Mousse

Petite Strawberry Mousse


Class Fruit Mousses !!

My Bakes During My Class !!

Here are the photos of my bakes during my 14 days class.
Claire Fontaine
Chocolate Banana Delight
Choolate Banana Delight
Chocolate Mousse
Mini Chocolate Mousse
Mini Mouse
Apple Torte