My Bakings

My Bakings

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artisan Bread Class 1

I went for my 1st artisan bread class. In lesson 1, we made french baguettes, pain de mie and rustic farmers loaf.
Me and my loaves !! 

Baguettes, farmers loaf and pain de mie

Farmer's Loaf

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ladybird Cupcakes

I made ladybird cupcakes for a close friend who was in town recently. 

Cheongsam Inspired Cake

I went to learn how to make a cheongsam inspired cake. We use royal icing to do the embroidery flowers and also the buttons. Everyone piped until our hands and fingers are so tired, but we are all very happy to see our end product !! So pretty !!! 

Castle Cake

I learned how to make a castle cake. Although it was very time consuming, I was very happy with the end product. I also build a swimming pool next to the castle !!